The right solution for your needs

Haulage & distribution

We offer a leading range of premium trucks that delivers productivity and profitability for your business. Matched to your application, putting safety, quality and environmental performance first, SMT’s transport and distribution solutions keep your business moving. 

Mining & quarry

Because your loading capacity and cycle times will determine your productivity, we offer robust trucks solution to work in your mine and quarry. 

Recycling & waste management

Trucks offered by SMT helps you manage the health and environmental implications of waste, as well as maximising the opportunities of recycling – turning waste into a valuable resource. 

Building & Infrastructure

Reliable and ready for hard work, SMT delivers a tailor-made solution for construction trucks. Load and unload materials and equipment in demanding conditions. 

Agriculture & forestry

SMT offers the robust trucks that are designed for the demands of diverse agricultural applications. You need a high load capacity and to be able to cover long distances efficiently. You probably need a transport solution with a purpose-built superstructure.