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Onboard Solutions to ensure more trust and protection on every trip

At SMT, we place our customers at the heart of everything we do, building long-term partnerships that you can rely on to support your growth. We want to provide our customers with the solutions to continue operating and regain passengers’ confidence in the use of public transport during the pandemic.

Launched by the Marcopolo Group, BioSafe is a platform that focuses on bringing protection to collective transport and to public and private spaces, through innovative solutions in biosafety and new specialised technologies, which ensure more security. Using technology in favor of safety, the Optional Kits are ideal solutions to adapt people’s transportation to the new sanitization and hygiene needs, ensuring passengers and drivers are protected.

Hand sanitiser dispensers

Using hydroalcoholic gel helps fight against coronavirus. Dispensers can be placed next to the back door, next to the toilet entrance and in the access to the upper-level of double-decker buses.

Driver & ticket inspector protection

In order to avoid exposure of conductors and ticket inspectors to people potentially infected with the virus, it is possible to place a protective wall at their workstations.

Seat covers

A seat cover made of antimicrobial materials, very easy to clean, can be made available to carriers. The seat cover can be removed after each trip, in order to be washed and reused.

Antimicrobial curtain protection

Made of the same antimicrobial materials as in hospitals, the protective curtains are easy to disinfect and ensure a physical protective barrier for each passenger on board.

Restroom and air conditioning with ultraviolet light

UV-C radiation is a new solution for disinfection, and the technology was tested and verified by the University of Caxias do Sul. Installed inside the air conditioning system, the radiation kills viruses, during air renovation, and purifies the air in the process.

Individual distribution of seats

When customising your seats, you can benefit from the Safe Distance System, a new seating arrangement available to generate comfort and safety for passengers (1x1x1). It allows a maximum occupancy of the vehicle while respecting social distancing; recommended by health agencies.

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