Not just for boys | Brigitte Koubia

Presentation: Brigitte Koubia, Aftersales Administration Officer SMT Benin

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Women are never underestimated at SMT Benin

Following a training in management IT, Brigitte wanted above all to develop her skills. For her, it all started with an internship which later led to a job in the industry.

The main challenges Brigitte faces are mostly related to customer satisfaction: being reactive to their requests and helping them understand the importance of maintaining a machine. On a daily basis, from an operational point of view, she also coordinates activities within the workshop and manages the follow-up of all items received in store.

Brigitte claims to have always been supported by SMT who valued her skills by offering her the position she has today. According to her, women are never underestimated at SMT Benin.

I am passionate about the technical aspect of my job

Brigitte is passionate about her job. She appreciates being in contact with customers, good interpersonal collaboration and the technical aspect of her job: for example, she is in charge of scheduling maintenance of the machines according to manufacturers’
recommendations. In an industry in constant evolution, Brigitte underlines the importance of adapting to the evolution of technology, and that is what SMT and its partners do!


“Regular updating of technical supports, good organisation and rigour”


“Assert your skills, do not limit yourself by being open to changes that arise and mutual respect”


“Focused on clients and business”

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