Not Just For Boys | Peace Nnebeana

Discover the story of Peace Nnebeana, Accounts & Training Officer at SMT Nigeria

In this episode of Not Just For Boys Peace Nnebeana tells her story as an Accounts & Training Offer for SMT Nigeria and how it has made her see life differently as an African.

It has made me see life differently as an African.

My name is Peace Nnebeana, I’m the training coordinator and rental site controller for SMT Nigeria.

I started working with SMT Nigeria in February 2015.

I did not have any experience concerning machinery or trucks prior to getting the job. I only heard about machinery in secondary school when we were taught how to use tractors for farming.

When I came I was given a brief history of Volvo, the machinery and trucks. I had to refer back to what I was taught. As time goes on, I gathered a lot of experience and so far so good it has been splendid.

I’m passionate about meeting different individuals from different races and tribes. As a training coordinator, I get to speak and interact and even see different individuals and it has built my experience, not just in the aspect of the job but also to understand how different people think and why they reason the way they do and it has also made me see life differently as an African.

In Africa, it is not a norm for a woman to be the coordinator and mostly in an engineering firm so it was a challenge for me initially because I had to find a way to make them listen to me and have them put their work aside to do the online training and also on the rental site to make them understand certain things and make them achieve the organisational goal.

A key to success for me is commitment. Once you’re committed to what you do and you do that daily, you’re inspired by what you do, the sky is your starting point.

SMT has some attitude among which I will choose “diversity is our strength” because we tend to put together our different experiences from different backgrounds and it has helped to achieve our organisational goals.

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