Not just for boys | Afia Owusu-Ansah

Presentation: Afia OWUSU-ANSAH, Finance Director SMT Ghana

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I get full management support in decisions I take which is very empowering

Growing up, Afia saw her father at work, with a big calculator and a ledger book always balancing accounting journals. He was her source of inspiration when choosing her career path.

Afia has an undergrad degree in Business Administration from the University of Ghana Business School and pursued her MBA at the Warwick Business School in UK. Prior to joining SMT, Afia worked for KPMG as a Senior Associate. She is a fellow of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) in the UK and a member of ICAG (Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ghana).

Our fast-moving world is data and technologically driven, it's imperative to keep up

In a fast moving world driven by data and technology, it is imperative to keep up. The daily challenges Afia faces include seeking appropriate and affordable trade finance options for clients, dealing with expanding regulatory requirements as well as nurturing talent.

Our fast-moving world is data and technologically driven, it’s imperative to keep up

Afia says she is yet to face a situation where being a woman brought setbacks in her professional life. She is passionate about her role in the company as a trusted advisor to the Managing Director. She receives full management support in decisions she takes, which is very empowering and motivating. She has the opportunity to shape and influence wide-range strategic decisions across divisions.


« Be ready for opportunities, value integrity and be a good negotiator »


« Do what you love, strive to excel in what you do and have a support system »


« Preserving an entrepreneurial spirit »