SMT Benin | Client Testimony: Sogea Satom

Discover the testimony of Henri Tohoun, operator for our client Sogea Satom

Client Testimony Sogea Satom - Henri Tohoun

In this video, the operator of our client Sogea Satom highlights the ingeniousity, the hability, the strength and the dynamism of the Volvo wheeled excavator EW145B.

“My name is Tohoun Henri. I work at Sogea Satom in Benin. I’m currently driving engines at an asphalting site in Haie Vive. We’re in charge of digging the drains.Right now, we’re doing the earthworks for the pavement. When the work began we could even use the machine to lay the drains, because its possible to remove the bucket and handle materials. So sometimes we also lay the drains. I think the Volvo excavator is really clever. Clever and efficient. 4ve been able to use one on quarries and I think it’s very strong. It’s dynamic and mobile. The cabin is actually really confortable. It has air conditioning, it has everything you need. It’s comfortable, the cabin is robust. When you are able to control your stability, you can work without problems. The SMT teams come here. The machine never needs to be taken away. The teams come to us. It’s a good partnership. They come here and are very friendly. They ask us questions. We ask them things that we don’t understand and they explain them. We’re always learning something. So, they give us information, explanations. The machine is new, so we haven’t had any breakdowns or anything like that, only the fuses in the indicators or in the headlights. Other than that, there haven’t been any problems. I love Volvo, because thanks to Volvo, I can work very comfortably and easily. In fact, it’s my favourite, yes, it’s the machine for me.”

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