SMT Benin | Client testimonial: Société Générale, generators customer

Discover the testimonial of our customer Société Général on our generators and services

Sabine Amoussou-Kpakpa – Generators Service Responsible, SMT Benin :
« We are transporting generators, carrying out installations, repairs, everything to do with generators, that’s our business. We have almost a hundred units under maintenance. Our generators are found in homes. They are found in companies, banks, in institutions. They can be found everywhere. »

Severin Tossou – In charge of real estate and maintenance, Société Générale Bénin :
« At the moment, we are in the Cadjèhoun agency, our VIP agency. SMT is in charge of the maintenance of the agency’s generators. We are in a country where the quality of electric power is not always optimal and we have equipment that needs to operate at all times, that’s why the generator has been installed. Initially, we started with a limited number of generators from SMT. But given the relationship and the quality of the service, we expanded SMT’s scope. »

Sabine Amoussou-Kpakpa – Generator Service Responsible, SMT Benin :
« Another thing SMT demonstrates is reactivity because we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. »

Severin Tossou – In charge of real estate and maintenance, Société Générale Bénin :
« To this day, as soon as we have a problem, no matter what time it is, we call them, and someone always answers. And response time counts a great deal too. What’s more, after the intervention, the same breakdowns don’t recur. And I must say, there are often replacement parts that are always available. I can describe SMT’s performance vis-à-vis the Société Générale Benin according to three points : prompt, reactivity and efficiency. I place efficiency, especially in the quality of the service. »

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