SMT Benin | Terres Rouges association's trainee signs a contract with SMT

TR SMT signatureJudical 07

Do you remember the story of Judicael, young intern at SMT Benin in partnership with Terres Rouges association?

One of the projects of Terres Rouges association is training and professional support for young people at risk in the street. Six months ago, Judicaël joined the Beninese team of SMT Africa to start an internship as a mechanic. Judicaël was able to take advantage of this unique opportunity to acquire new mechanical skills, but above all to show all of his motivation, determination, perseverance and rigor in his work.

Throughout his internship, his managers appreciated his qualities and saw in him all the potential that only asked to be put to good use despite a complicated life path.

For all these reasons, SMT Benin decided to offer Judicaël a 1-year fixed-term contract as an assistant mechanic.

Today Judicaël has found a job but also friends he can count on. The story of Judicaël is a unique example for all the young people who live on the streets and a magnificent recognition for the workers of Terres Rouges who help these young people to find their way

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