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The Volvo wheel loaders L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz feature load-sensing hydraulics, a powerful and durable Z-bar linkage and a perfectly-matched powertrain – ready to increase productivity even in the most demanding conditions.

The L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz from Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) come from a long line of productive, fuel efficient wheel loaders. Building on a legendary reputation dating back to 1954, these machines are equipped with proven, advanced technology designed to deliver superior lifting and breakout forces in even the toughest of conditions.
Each machine is built with an ideally-matched all-Volvo powertrain, designed to work together in perfect harmony for optimized performance. Equipped with powerful Volvo engines, these machines offer high torque at low rpm to ensure low fuel consumption. Volvo’s unique eco pedal also helps to guarantee fuel consumption is kept to a minimum, applying mechanical push-back force when engine rpm is about to exceed the economic operating range.

The Volvo wheel loaders L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz are built for an efficient, smooth performance. Fully Automatic Power Shift ensures optimal operation by adjusting machine gears in line with parameters including engine and travel speed, for comfortable gear changes and fast cycle times. Oil-cooled, wet disc brakes on the front and rear axles deliver superior breaking performance for smooth control and a long service life. 100% differential locks on the front axle ensure outstanding traction in slippery conditions, and axle oil circulation allows the oil to flow and cool inside the axle – protecting components and increasing brake service life.

Powerfully efficient

These machines are built to last, and the durable Z-bar linkage provides high breakout forces for strong, powerful digging and complete bucket fill in even the hardest materials. This is combined with load-sensing hydraulics that supply power only when needed, lowering fuel consumption. Bucket pins are double sealed to keep grease inside the bearing and dirt out, ensuring long pin and bearing life, and the automatic bucket leveler and boom kick-out functions accurately stop the bucket and linkage in adjustable, pre-selected positions.

Loaded with comfort

Alongside outstanding power and durability, the L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz offer superior operator comfort for an enjoyable and productive work shift. The industry-leading, spacious ROPS/FOPS Volvo cab includes ergonomically placed controls, a tiltable steering wheel and vibration damping, and the operator is granted easy access to the cab via a three-point access ladder with anti-slip steps and sturdy handrails. Slim cab pillars and large expanses of glass surrounding the cab create a productive and comfortable operating environment.
Air is filtered through an easy-to-replace pre-filter to separate coarser dust and particles before passing through the industry-leading main filter, allowing 90% of cab air to be recirculated for continuous dust removal.
To ensure the operator has all the necessary information and diagnostics for optimal performance, the Volvo Contronics system continuously monitors and records machine operation in real-time. Information including fuel levels and warning messages is relayed via the display in the cab.

Servicing made easy

The Volvo wheel loaders L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz are built to ensure quick and easy service and maintenance checks. Excellent access to the engine compartment and ground level access to the filters allow regular checks to be performed faster.
Maintenance-free rear axle cradles reduce overall service cost and increase uptime. This innovative Volvo design minimizes force on the axle, ensuring long component life.
For increased safety and reduced risk of machine damage, the unique Volvo brake wear indicator enables brake disk wear to be easily monitored, and service life of the main components is further enhanced by replaceable breather filters that ventilate the transmission, hydraulic tank, front and rear axles and fuel tank.

The perfect match

The exceptional design and superior durability of the L60Gz, L90Gz and L120Gz is enhanced by the excellent range of Volvo attachments engineered to work in perfect harmony with Volvo wheel loaders. These purpose-built buckets have been developed as an integrated part of the machine, constructed from high quality materials including wear-resistant steel in the most exposed areas.
The L60Gz and L90Gz can be equipped with a general purpose, standard-duty bucket or a heavy-duty version optimized for loading shot rock, providing ultimate durability and wear resistance for unmatched lifespan and value for money. The L120Gz may be equipped with a standard- or heavy-duty bucket, as well as a re-handling bucket optimized for handling, stockpiling and loading processed material including aggregate and sand. The spade nose rock bucket has high penetration capabilities and is ideally suited for loading shot rock, and the light material bucket is a high capacity bucket for low density materials.
To support its durable, high performance buckets, Volvo offers a selection of cost-effective, replaceable wear parts. With a range including bolt-on edge, teeth, adapters and segments, customers can tailor their machines to meet specific job demands.

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