Articulated haulers


Payload capacity
41,000 kg
Body volume
25.1 m³

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Bigger, stronger, faster

Get ready to work with the Volvo A45G Full Suspension articulated hauler. Designed for heavy-hauling in severe off-road operations, the machine offers continuous productivity, proven Volvo technology and impressive comfort, contributing to sustainable operations.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo A45G FS

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1 . Comfort at speed

The built-in system monitors the hauler's wheel movements and stabilises the machine based on ground conditions, delivering superior operator comfort.

2 . Know no limits

The Full Suspension system provides ultimate operator comfort, which maximises drivability in severe terrain and also reduces the level of maintenance required for haul roads on the jobsite.

3 . Maximize your investment

Optimise load cycles with the On-Board Weighing on the A45G FS. The award-winning system – standard on FS models – ensures every hauler shifts the optimum safe payload.

4 . Cost per tonne

Side-by-side study of an A45G compared to an A45G FS showed the A45G FS delivered a lower cost per tonne.

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