Wheeled Pavers

P2870D ABG

Basic width
1.74 m
Engine power
55.0 kW
Paving output
300 t/h

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Versatility in action

The brand-new Volvo P2870D ABG is the most compact wheeled paver in the Volvo range. Packed with all the quality and engineering excellence you expect from Volvo you can count on the P2870D ABG for ease of operation, maximum uptime and outstanding paving results. With a tight turning radius of 2 meters, and travel speed of up to 16km/h, the P2870D ABG offers unrivalled versatility in small-to-medium paving applications.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo P2870D ABG

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1 . All-around talent

Whether accessing narrow jobsites or quickly completing patching work, the P2870D ABG is a talented all-rounder. Featuring power steering, the machine offers a tight (2m) turning radius. Flexible configurations, such as individually operated hopper wings and electro-hydraulic foldable roof, enable you to take on a wider range of paving jobs.

2 . Operators choice

The Electronic Paver Management (EPM3) system from Volvo is renowned for its operator friendly controls. The convenient layout intuitively guides operators through individual working functions, with the jog-wheel used to quickly select and adjust functions. With a workstation in common with larger Volvo ABG pavers, this is a machine which operators will instantly feel at home in.

3 . Superb tractive effort

The P2870D ABG is built on a 6x4 wheel drive undercarriage, for comfort and convenience when travelling between jobs. The machine ride levelers are unique in this class, drawing on technology from the larger Volvo ABG pavers, to offer unrivalled ride comfort.

4 . Keep on paving

Complete routine maintenance with speed and ease thanks to a range of features such as drain hoses for fluids, easy battery access with external panel for jump starting and only three lubricating points for the whole machine. The conveyor also has lifetime lubricated, maintenance-free bearings.

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