5 reasons why oil analysis is essential for your machine

Oil is the lifeblood of a machine. Regular checks help monitor its health, which is vital for maintaining maximum uptime and and minimum total cost of ownership.

1. It increases profits

Oil analysis is an unbeatable tool in increasing machine performance, which means increased profits. Based on data collected by analysis results, customers can spot machine errors and plan maintenance, which reduces the risk of unplanned downtime, prevents expensive repairs and increases productivity.

2. It promotes uptime

Volvo laboratories, featuring modern diagnostic equipment, provide customers with a comprehensive report on machine condition. After thorough analysis takes place, machine diagnoses immediately become available to customers online, highlighting warnings and providing action recommendations. Thanks to these reports, every part of the machine can operate at maximum capacity with little risk of fault, keeping uptime levels high.

Oil sample analysis collects information on water/coolant content, impurities and quality of metal particles in the fuel. Performing regular oil analysis checks records a history of results and allows for laboratory technicians and customers to see trends in machine performance.

4. It acts as an early warning system

Fuel supports vital machine components including the engine, transmission, axels, brakes and hydraulics system. Volvo laboratories, equipped with full knowledge of Volvo machines, can interpret how functional these components are based on oil analysis. This provides technicians with early warnings signals for machine parts, giving customers time to replace any components that are susceptible to damage or failure.

5. It's a proactive way of working

Overall, oil analysis is the most practical action for your machine. It is an excellent planning tool to give you better control on productivity, maintenance, potential failure, and avoidance of downtime.