Chepstow Plant International stays loyal to SMT GB with an order for 71 new Volvo machines

As part of a large fleet renewal programme, Chepstow Plant International has signed a deal with SMT GB for a range of Volvo machines, including 52 articulated haulers, 12 wheeled loaders and 7 excavators.

Amongst the newly ordered articulated haulers are 25 A40Gs, which are split between a major earthmoving project in the north of England and substantial clay mines located in the South. The remainder of haulers ordered are 17 A30Gs and 10 A25Gs.

In addition to the high level specifications found on all of Chepstow’s Volvo machines, the company has opted to have Haul Assist installed on all of their new articulated haulers. This brings the number of machines in their fleet featuring this addition to above 100, making Chepstow’s hauler fleet by far the largest equipped with this haul cycle optimising software.

Powered by the Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen fitted to each machine, Haul Assist is an efficiency-boosting software that provides an on-board weighing system, ensuring that the optimal amount of material is hauled with each load.

Haul Assist also provides real-time site maps that not only give operators an improved orientation of their working environment, but also allows them to view live traffic flow, speed limit notifications and avoid potentially dangerous situations. All of this information allows the operator to proactively adjust their driving according to the traffic conditions, even when visibility is at its most restricted.

The 12 new wheeled loaders included in this order from SMT GB comprise an L60H, 3 L120Hs, 5 L150Hs and 3 L180Hs. Chepstow have opted to include Load Assist on all of their new wheeled loaders, which provides most of the features included with Haul Assist, as well as a note taking app, a unit conversion calculator and a weather monitoring app.

Chepstow Plant International have also opted to purchase as part of this order 3 EC380EL, 2 EC480ELs and 2 EC750ELs. The operators of these new excavators benefit from the inclusion of spacious and comfortable cabs, as well as ergonomically designed and ideally placed switches and controls, which serve to boost efficiency and productivity.

The 8 inch full-colour LCD monitors found in these excavators also provides operators with the ability to check essential information at a glance, such as machine status and the rate of fuel consumption.

Furthermore, a customisable joystick-mounted shortcut switch provides excavator operators with the ability to control an essential machine function, without having to let go of the machine’s joysticks. The wide list of functions that can be assigned to the shortcut switch include activating the windshield wipers, cycling through the machine’s 360° cameras or selecting the power max function.

All of the new machines are powered by Volvo’s latest generation of Stage V engines, which brings around 85% of Chepstow’s plant fleet up to this environmental standard – a landmark moment for the company, who are placing decarbonisation at the forefront of its company-wide objectives in 2021-2022.

The new machines are all covered by SMT GB service agreements whereby they will be regularly maintained by highly trained SMT service engineers. They are also all equipped with a comprehensive list of additional safety features, such as premium guardrails, inclinometers and extra safety lighting. HEPA air filters are also fitted to all of the new machines, offering Chepstow’s operators protection against all manners of airborne pollutants.

Based in Caldicot, Monmouthshire, Chepstow Plant International is a privately owned national contracting company with over 50 years of experience. With a plant fleet of over 400, of which 70% consists of Volvo machines, the company operates within the mineral, aggregate and earthmoving sectors, as well as providing plant hire services and used equipment sales.