KKB Group inaugurates Volvo hybrid excavator fleet

Demonstrating its commitment to CO2 reduction, KKB Group invited customers and representatives from the Lower Thames Crossing management team to witness the launch of its new fleet of Volvo hybrid excavators from SMT GB and learn more about the fuel efficiency technology behind them.

On 27th October, KKB Group hosted an event for customers and other stakeholders at its depot in Hoo, Kent, to celebrate the inauguration of 10 new Volvo hybrid excavators from SMT GB.

Like Volvo and SMT GB, sustainability is a core value for KKB, and the contractor is continuously looking for new ways to limit environmental impact and establish itself as a leader in sustainable construction.

KKB’s three Volvo EC300E Hybrid and seven Volvo EC350E Hybrid excavators are the first in a new fleet of alternatively powered construction equipment that will enable the contractor to significantly reduce greenhouse gases from its operations.

Higher fuel efficiency, lower carbon emissions

By harvesting free energy from the downward motion of the boom, the hybrid excavators deliver a 17% fuel efficiency improvement over a fully diesel powered equivalent, which translates to up to 12% lower carbon emissions from the EC300E Hybrid and up to 15% from the EC350E Hybrid.

For KKB, this will generate fuel savings of around 11,000 litres and prevent three tonnes of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere per 1,000 operating hours.

“We strive to improve the environmental performance of the regeneration and built environment process for each and every one of our clients – and investing in these new Volvo hybrid excavators from SMT GB will make a big difference to the carbon footprint of the projects we work on,” said KKB’s Managing Director Del Bhanot.

KKB’s new hybrid excavators will help limit their environmental impact and lead the way in sustainable construction.

Part of the bidding process

KKB was keen to showcase the new hybrid excavators to its customers, who are increasingly considering environmental impact in the tender process, demonstrating both its commitment to decarbonisation and the reliability of the Volvo hybrid technology.

Bemo Tunnelling, for example, is currently considering KKB as a partner for a major civil engineer project and looks for suppliers that can help meet its sustainability goals. Bemo’s Commercial Manager Daniel Curtis said: “Environmental performance is majorly important to us. The schemes we are bidding for have got be as close to net zero as possible, and we can’t achieve what we need without our partners and their technology. Seeing the investment KKB has made shows how serious they are about the future we need to deliver,” he said.

The Volvo excavator’s unique and innovative hybrid technology results in reduced fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

Simple and reliable hydraulic hybrid technology

Representatives from SMT GB talked KKB’s customers through the unique hydraulic hybrid solution, where stored hydraulic oil in the accumulators, coming from the boom down motion, drives an assist hydraulic motor to support the hydraulic pump and engine.

This innovative technology enables the hybrid models to offer the same levels of controllability and performance as standard machines, including being able to work in ECO mode and Hybrid mode simultaneously, with the benefits of lower fuel consumption and lower carbon emissions.

“Compared to some competitor electric hybrid excavators, it’s a simple and reliable hybrid solution. Because it consists of just a handful of add-on components, it will be easy to maintain and repair, and ensure high uptime, helping us keep to production targets or project deadlines,” explained Craig Hore, Plant Director at KKB.

After the presentations, there was excitement in the air as the guests watched one of KKB’s new hybrid excavators spring into action.

Shane Trim, Contracts Manager for Soilfix, which has been using KKB as its main plant and equipment supplier for remediation and earthworks projects for a decade, was thoroughly impressed: “I think it is fantastic that KKB is making these investments and the Volvo hybrid technology is great. I love the innovation. It shows that Volvo is looking into the future and is making gradual steps toward where we need to be. I can see a good future in it,” he said.

Steve Wallis, Area Operations Manager at Tarmac, which has also worked with KKB long term, especially in asphalt recycling, was equally as enthusiastic: “It was great to see some of the kit that is coming to my sites and understand the technology, which is very impressive. I’m looking forward to seeing them working. It’s early days yet but we are on a journey together,” he said.

Guests at the event look on as one of KKB’s new hybrid excavator is shown in action.

Delivering net zero together

Overall, the event was an excellent opportunity for KKB to strengthen relations with its customers, demonstrate its commitment to helping them achieve their sustainability goals, and show off its ground-breaking new machinery.

Dale Nicoll, Area Sales Manager at SMT GB, concluded: “It was a fantastic event that really communicated KKB’s energy and commitment to environmental performance. I have worked personally with Del and KKB’s Chairman Colin Basi for about 15 years and when they have a vision, they go for it! So, we are incredibly grateful for their investment in our hybrid machines, and are excited to help them and their customers on their decarbonisation journey.”

Learn more about the Volvo EC300E Hybrid and Volvo EC350E Hybrid excavators.

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