Load Assist challenges wheeled loader operators to do better

The new Operator Coaching application offered for the Volvo Co-Pilot interface gives wheeled loader operators tips and challenges to improve their driving.

The latest upgrade to Volvo CE’s Load Assist family is a new app called Operator Coaching. This feature helps operators of Volvo’s L110H to L260H wheeled loaders use the machines more effectively, by giving them real time information that they can use to better understand how their actions influence output. A bit like chasing a top score on a computer game, Operator Coaching allows operators to set targets and objectives that allow for continually improving performance.

Machine and operator in perfect harmony

The latest machines from Volvo CE come with lots of smart functions as standard. But it’s easy for operators to overlook them or not know the optimum time to deploy them. The Operator Coaching app gives instant feedback on operator behaviour – such as idling-over-active time, braking-over-distance, throttle position, and lock-up-over-distance, and gives guidance on how to improve via the Volvo Co-Pilot 10-inch high resolution display. Suggestions such as ‘Activate Boom Suspension System’, ‘Ease off the throttle’ or ‘Activate Lock-up’ help operators deliver optimum fuel efficiency and reduced machine wear.

With up to 40 individual profiles available, operators can capture performance from previous shifts and set targets for the current one. These build up to form a graphical chart of performance over time, to show the improvement trend of each operator.

Weigh better than before

The new Operator Coaching feature joins the existing On-Board Weighing app that takes the guesswork out of loading the optimum amount of material. It does this thanks to real-time insights into the attachment’s load (to within +/- 1% accuracy), so operators can eliminate over-loading, under-loading, reweighing and waiting times. Load data are captured via pressure and position sensors, and then displayed on Volvo Co‑Pilot. Once the load is completed all production data is stored on the display and ready to be exported to a cloud-based portal, or via a USB portable memory device. The system is designed for a range of bucket types and can also work with forks and grapples.

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