Report unlocks the secrets to greater machine efficiency

The latest addition to Volvo Construction Equipment's Insight Reports promises customers the understanding to better manage their fleet, and boost site efficiency.

Volvo Construction Equipment continues to maximise site efficiency for its customers with the launch of Productivity Report, a new fleet analysis service designed to monitor production and make it easy to lower cost per ton.

Telematics data can be a powerful way to improve the efficiency and uptime of fleets, but ‘data overload’ can stand in the way of getting to the information that really matters. Joining the Fuel Efficiency Report, launched in 2016, Volvo ACTIVE CARE Report and Summary Report, launched in 2018, the latest report reinforces the company’s commitment to helping customers more efficiently manage their operating costs. With the addition of a new Productivity Report, Volvo CE has grouped all four tools into an umbrella package – called Insight Reports. With a range of analyses to choose from, customers can adapt each report to suit individual business structures for increased profitability.

Using telematic data transmitted from the machines, the Insight Reports clearly identify areas of improvements. The CareTrack telematics system automatically compiles thousands of machine data points into the ready-made reports, which are then emailed to the customer on a weekly or monthly basis. By collecting detailed data and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format, customers spend less time sifting through complex machine information and more time focused on their operations. Utilising the insights and machine data gives customers the possibility to better understand how their machines are being used in order to make informed decisions that improve overall profitability.

Selecting the right report

The newly introduced Productivity Report highlights how many tons of material has been handled or moved, helping customers to gain control over operating costs, and be better informed when tendering for contracts. Available on Volvo articulated haulers and wheel loaders equipped with On-Board Weighing, the report makes it easy to measure production and take the necessary steps to lower cost per ton. By combining both productivity and fuel consumption data, the report makes it easy to measure efficiency, thanks to data such as total tons handled per liter, fuel cost per ton or payload utilisation.

Highlighting machine condition ActiveCare Report is intended to reduce unplanned downtime and repair costs. It includes data such as technical alarms and operating behavior alerts and recommends actions that reduce unnecessary strain placed on the machine. Analysing instances of machine misuse enables customers to diagnose problems early and implement corrective measures to protect their fleets. With the right diagnostic information delivered to their inbox every week, customers have the key to improving operating practices and avoid the costly and time-consuming consequences that breakdowns present.

Designed to help customers reduce fuel consumption – the number one operational cost factor – the Fuel Efficiency Report offers a holistic view of a fleet’s efficiency. The report identifies machines that are not being used as intended, highlighting units that could result in unnecessary fuel expenses. The report is also used to track the progress of business objectives using up to eight KPIs according to individual business structures and can include budgeted fuel expenses to predict potential costs and savings.

Key information related to the health, fuel efficiency and productivity of a fleet is presented in the Summary Report, allowing customers to look at the big picture and identify trends. Any issues that require action are flagged, giving customers the opportunity to refine operating practices, implement new ways of working and address issues before downtime occurs.

Insight Reports enable customers to improve uptime, fuel efficiency and productivity of their Volvo machines. Data is also available in Excel and CSV formats should customers want to export the data for further analysis.

Non-stop support

With a range of consultancy services, including Fuel Advice and Operator Training, customers can get expert advice from their Volvo dealer and develop a plan to increase site efficiency.