Volvo values maintained at Greener Composting Ltd

Since this family-run business purchased a Volvo BM4200 for its farming activities back in 1983, Greener Composting Ltd carries on a tradition of owning and operating Volvo machines with a new Volvo L70H loading shovel.

After a chance visit to the Volvo BM stand at a trade exhibition, held at the Royal Showground, the company that would become Greener Composting Ltd began their association with Volvo when Andrew Ryman purchased a six tonne BM4200 loading shovel.

“My father bought the machine to work on our 1000 acre farm here on the outskirts of Lichfield,” explains Managing Director Richard Ryman. “He was so impressed with what the machine could do that he purchased a second machine; which by this time had become an L30.” This particular machine is still running to this day on the family’s farm.

It was in 2004 that WJ & AJ Ryman diversified its agricultural activities, and Greener Composting Ltd was established to handle and process green waste. “Back then, we saw a niche in the market for green waste recycling and composting. We started taking in material from the local authorities, tree surgeons and the like, creating a bespoke area on the farm for this activity,” continues Richard. “As the business took off, we invested in a new L70F in 2008 to spearhead this activity; this gave us a big step up in production.”

Fast forward eleven years and Greener Composting has continued to expand its activities at the facility located at Wall, near Lichfield, which now includes processing suitable material for biomass. The qualities and performance of the company’s previous Volvo machines has led to the addition of a new L70H wheeled loader, which now takes over the primary duties at the yard. This includes loading high-sided bulkers, turning the windrows and feeding the shredders.

As with the previous models, the L70H benefits from a purpose-built Volvo powertrain, but now includes the latest, Stage V certified, 173hp 6-litre engine, as well as a larger transmission and axles. The machine also benefits from energy efficient devices, such as the Volvo Eco pedal, which encourages the operator to run the machine at its optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve, and transmission lock up. It also sports additional features, such as; third line hydraulics, Turbo II pre cleaner, a Groenveld autolube system and boom suspension system. Being one tonne heavier than its predecessor and having an extra 500kg of full turn tipping capacity, the increase in productivity from the new L70H will ensure that Greener Composting will achieve its annual target of processing in excess of 30,000 tonnes of green compost.

For complete peace of mind, Greener Composting has taken out a Level Two ENHANCE service contract with SMT GB. This means that highly qualified SMT engineers will carry out scheduled servicing on the L70H, using genuine Volvo parts, oils and lubricants. This contract also gives Greener Composting a CareTrack Advanced subscription, allowing them to view critical operational data such as fuel consumption, machine utilisation and idling data.

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