Volvo Site Sim

Run your site more efficiently

Lower your cost per tonne

Using Volvo Site Sim, we can help you optimise site productivity and lower your total cost of ownership. Get recommendations on the best fleet configuration and site set-up to maximise efficiency and profitability.

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Get set up for profitability

Make on-site logistics more efficient, maximise productivity and lower your cost per tonne with the help of the Volvo Site Sim tool.

Optimum fleet configuration

  • Perform mixed fleet comparisons
  • Determine the right Volvo equipment for the project at hand
  • Consider factors such as machine size, quantity, fleet configuration and attachments

The best haul route

  • Get advice on the optimum site configuration
  • Consider multiple factors such as payload, travel gradients and travel distance

Powerful projections

  • On-screen animations and simple written reports
  • Projections on owning and operating costs
  • Insight into the impact on overall costs
  • Greater accuracy in planning, forecasts, budgets and bids

The right resources

  • Visualise how operator performance will impact productivity
  • Identify the optimum behaviors needed to maximise project efficiency
  • Receive guidance on any specific actions or training required

Less fuel, less C02

  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Site reports include information on CO₂ emissions

How it works?

A Volvo Site Sim is tailor-made to your situation and operational goals. SMT’s team of experts work with your data to configure a simulation designed to optimise your real-life operation

Collect data
We work closely with you to gather data from your site. Jobsite-specific factors such as bank density, swell factor, average bucket fill percentage and ground conditions are entered into the tool. It is also possible to scan your site with a GPS device or drone.

Run the simulation

Analysis and advice
Compare, review and recommend the best solution for your site.

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