Sell a machine via SMT

Good used machines are always welcome

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Has your machine become redundant or is it not used enough? Are you considering buying a new machine but you want to sell the old one first? We’re always interested, not only if you’re trading in your old machine, but also if you’re simply looking to sell it.

SMT has many years of international experience in buying and selling new and used machinery. We know the market inside and out. That’s why we can make an attractive offer for your used machine.

Selling is about more than just getting a good price.

A good price for your used machine is obviously important. But there’s much more to a successful transaction. How will the machine be delivered, what are the payment conditions, has the timesheet been checked, is a purchase inspection required? These are all questions that SMT can quickly help you with.

Want to get an estimate right away?

Contact SMT and we’ll let you know the value of your machine within 24 hours.

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