Balance Material Handler

SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ

Operating weight
135.000 kg
Max. range
25 m

Increased handling at a lower cost

The installed capacity of the SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ is only approximately 50% of conventional machines — there is no simpler way of lowering your operating costs. The machine contains an integrated logistics system: efficient, productive and extremely cost-effective.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ

Enjoy the high traction force via displacement motor with directly mounted automatic brake valves and planetary gears at each track side. MaxCab with continuous vertical-tilted bullet-proof glass windshield.

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2. Low costs

3. Smart working

4. Versitale variants

Spacious cabin resiliently mounted, with excellent all-round view and large floor window pane.

Pivots are well designed with low maintenance, precision machined and sealed special bushes.

High efficiency through well designed hydraulic valves and lines.

Many variants of undercarriage available

The perfect machine

Your new SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ

SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ

Assemble it yourself

Assemble your own SENNEBOGEN 8100 EQ / 8130 EQ and create the perfect machine!

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