Material handler


Operating weight
28.800 kg
Operating weight
12 - 14 kg
Engine power
129 kW

Uncompromisingly high performance in all areas

The SENNEBOGEN 825E makes working more enjoyable. Consistently quiet operation thanks to decoupled engine mounts and soundproofing in the doors.

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Strong no like other

Highlights of the SENNEBOGEN 825E

Constant, reliable performance thanks to large-dimensioned and robust fans and coolers. Water and oil coolers with top-notch efficiency thanks to axial-piston pump and motor control and ondemand thermostatic control

SENNEBOGEN 825E Mobile material handling machine in action - SMT 1 2 3 4

1. Reliable and robust

2. Easy access

3. Surround view

4. Solid steel

High load capacities even when fully extended, thanks to massive cylinders

Sliding door for convenient entry and exit

Ideal overview and safe working height thanks to stable cab elevation

Robust side cover made of recyclable sheet steel

The perfect machine

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