Articulated haulers


Payload capacity
25.000 kg
Body volume
15,3 m³

Providing the power, strength and reliability to tackle tough jobs

Experience superior hauling in Volvo's durably designed A25G, utilizing productivity-enhancing features and advanced technology to increase efficiency without compromising performance. Move more for less in all seasons and terrains with the powerful A25G, equipped with heavy-duty components and increased payload to maximize profitability and uptime.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo A25G

Get continuous production with this bigger, durable and superior machine – always available and ready to work.

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1. Pure uptime

2. Fuel efficiency guaranteed

3. The best just got better

4. Operator's choice

Designed for heavy hauling in severe off-road operation, its long service life, quality, reliability and durability is everything you expect from a Volvo.

Powered by the world-renowned Volvo engine delivers excellent fuel efficiency without compromising on power or performance.

Move more tonnes per hour and give a 100% in all conditions with an increase two tonne payload.

Its comfortable cab and ease of operation and excellent suspension, even in adverse conditions, makes operators choose this machine.

The perfect machine

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