Articulated haulers


Payload capacity
41.000 kg
Body volume
25,1 m³

Ready to work

Always available to work, the bigger, more durable and superior A45G articulated hauler from Volvo CE provides endless production and unbeatable reliability thanks to its robust design, easy service access and outstanding Volvo dealer network. Smash your productivity targets and increase your profitability with the Volvo A45G.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo A45G

Discover the best and bigger, more durable and superior A45G articulated hauler from Volvo.

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1. Total operator control

2. Move more for less

3. Operator's choice

4. Safety

The A45G is packed with features to help operators get the most from the machine. Intelligent functions such as cruise control, downhill speed control and hill assist help the operator control the machine with ease and efficiency, for enhanced safety and productivity in all conditions.

The machine is optimized for efficiency featuring higher payload capabilities. Its smart design allows for more capacity while reducing fuel consumption so you can move more for less.

Its comfortable cab and ease of operation, even in adverse conditions, makes operators choose this machine.

Whether its operators, trainers, technicians or site workers – safety on site is of fundamental importance. In the A45G superior visibility and efficient lighting combine with a number of safety features, such as the brake test and dump support.

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