Wheeled excavators


Operating weight
17.950 - 19.200 kg
Gross power
115 kW
Bucket capacity
0,7 m³

Swing into action

Built with our customers for our customers, the new Volvo EWR170E features one of the shortest tail swings on the market. Equipped with the latest features, powerful engine and intelligent technology, the EWR170E operates with efficiency and control, for ultimate productivity.

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Highlights of the Volvo EWR170E

Om te zorgen dat uw bedrijf soepel blijft draaien investeert Volvo in intelligente techniek voor alle machines – maar dat is nog niet alles. Als uw productiepartner helpen we u om meer te halen uit de perfecte machine voor de klus. Ons aanbod aan aanbouwdelen is ontwikkeld om de machineprestaties te verbeteren en uw winst te verhogen.

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1. See more, do more

2. Comfort at speed

3. Steelwrist® tiltratator

4. Short swing performance

Conveniently designed to make life easier on the jobsite, the EWR170E is equipped with the latest features to increase productivity. Take on the most demanding working environments from the comfort of the spacious Volvo Care Cab, boasting all-around visibility and ergonomically-positioned controls.

Swing into action with superior performance and efficiency. The versatile EWR170E combines power, fuel efficiency, easy service and smart features for an all-round machine that's in tune with your needs.

To ensure your business runs smoothly, Volvo invests in the intelligent engineering of all machines – but we don't stop there. As your partner in production, we support what you do with the best equipment for the job. Our portfolio of attachments and services is designed to complement your machine's performance and boost your profitability.

Joining the Volvo excavator family is the EWR170E, delivering everything that you would expect from an E-Series excavator and more. Work and perform in narrow and confined spaces with Volvo's short swing radius wheeled machines, featuring one of the shortest tail swing on the market.

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