Wheel loaders


Bucket capacity
1.6 - 5 m³
Operating weight
11.000 - 13.600 kg
STL at full turn
7.630 kg

A modernized model

Leave the heavy-duty work for the upgraded L60H, designed to do more, while using less fuel. Combining new optimized loading unit, redesigned counterweight, and increased top speed of 50km/h, facilitated by the optional lock-up function, the next-generation wheel loader delivers up to 20% greater fuel efficiency.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo L60H

Built by Volvo, for Volvo, you can count on the proven design of the latest wheel loaders to meet the demands of tough job sites. Renowned for their reliability, the next-generation H-Series wheel loaders are built with an industry-leading, strong frame, which, combined with the ideally-matched genuine Volvo drivetrain, achieves long-lasting performance.

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1. Greater access

2. Delayed engine shutdown

3. Designed to do more

4. Made to match

To keep uptime high, the H-Series wheel loaders are equipped with an engine cover that opens electronically, allowing ground-level access to the service points, including the radiator. For swift and easy cleaning, the new cooler installation now slides out. Safely fill the transmission and engine oil thanks to newly repositioned fill spouts, and get back to work without delay.

Reduce the wear on your engine with the new delayed engine shutdown feature. The optional function shuts off the machine when the turbo has cooled down to the ideal temperature. Not only does the feature reduce component wear, it can also be scheduled by the operator to activate automatically for added convenience.

Knock heavy-duty jobs down to size with the H-Series wheel loaders. These robust workhorses offer unshakable stability thanks to the new, optimized loading unit weight and redesigned counterweight.

Lift your machine's versatility to the next level with pallet forks, offering high visibility and the advantage of TP linkage and parallel movement. Ideal for pallet and material handling, Volvo forks are heavy-duty in design, allowing the wheel loader to move effortlessly around different work sites, such as yards, warehouses and harbors.

The perfect machine

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