P6870C ABG

Basic width
2.5 m
Engine power
129 kW
Paving output
700 t/h

Force and power

The P6870C ABG wheeled paver boasts six-wheel drive for maximum power when paving large widths and depths on difficult ground conditions. Large rear drive wheels deliver the majority of drive force with additional power and steering from both sets of load dependent front wheels.

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Far ahead of the competition

Highlights of the Volvo P6870C

Volvo pavers are built for performance and precision on any paving project. The P6870C ABG, P5870C ABG and P5770C ABG offer a selection of drive systems to best match the paving conditions at hand. Whatever your needs, Volvo's got the right paver for the job.

Volvo asfalteermachine P6870C specificatie 1 2 3 4

1. Manoeuvrability

2. Visibility

3. Screeds

4. MCU

Achieve instant, precise movement with a tight turning radius of 2.5 meters thanks to the unique active steering system.

All-round visibility and extendable operator seat for a 360° view of the whole paving process.

Robust, industry-leading, extendable screeds deliver a long life of quality paving.

Large control panel with colour screen allows you to quickly adjust paver settings.

The perfect machine

Your new P6870C ABG

P6870C ABG

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