Operating weight
21.400 kg
Max. range
13 m

Cutting free of roads and forest paths is easier than ever

Discover this multi-functional machine for efficient harvesting of fuel wood, landscape conservation, round timber manipulation, equipped with a variety of attachments. Simply cutting gauges free. Or safe and wide-reaching processing of road embankments. Even the gradual removal of problematic trees with low safety distances becomes a feasible task with the SENNEBOGEN 718 Mobile Energy.

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Far ahead of the competition

Strong like no other

Experience torsion-resistant upper frame with end shields all the way from boom linkage to counterweight for optimized force transmission, precision-crafted, steel bushings for boom bearings, lockable storage compartment, outstanding design and very low noise emissions.

SENNBOGEN 718 design - SMT 1 2 3 4

1. Powerful drive

2. Superior hydraulics

3. German precision

4. Safety control

All-wheel drive powered by a variable-displacement hydraulic motor with direct-mounted, automatically actuated brake valve and 2-stage power shift transmission.

Load-sensing/LUDV hydraulic system for work and travel functions

Planetary gearbox with axial piston motor and integrated brake valves

Right and rearview cameras, emergency control of main functions

The perfect machine

Your new SENNEBOGEN 718


Assemble it yourself

Assemble your own SENNEBOGEN 718 and create the perfect machine!

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