Operating weight
27.000 kg
Max. range
11 m

Optimal performance with the SENNEBOGEN 723

Handle your timber with care and power. The powerful drives for high driving and handling performance, even for blended movements. Our standard for SENNEBOGEN. It comes with large hydraulics and perfectly tuned cooling for ideal working conditions.

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Far ahead of the competition

Strong like no other

Enjoy the comfort of the Maxcab with air-suspension comfort seat with heater and convenient joystick control.

Sennebogen 723 E 006x 1 2 3 4


2. Green efficiency

3. Perfect overview

4. Maximum safety

Spacious cabin resiliently mounted, with excellent all-round view.

Complies with Emission Standard IV, DEF clean exhaust technology. Economical thanks to EcoMode, automatic idle and automatic start-stop.

Stable cab with right and rearview cameras.

Safe entry and exit - non-slip step surfaces. Modern cameras - the entire work area is in view.

The perfect machine

Your new SENNEBOGEN 723


Assemble it yourself

Assemble your own SENNEBOGEN 723 and create the perfect machine!

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