Material handler


Operating weight
95.000 kg
Max. range
21 m

Maximum safety with the Sennebogen 840E

This machine offers the highest safety and comfort with a sliding door and wide door opening. With its durable mechanical systems you can count on reliable performance with high load capacities.

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Strong like no other

Highlights of the SENNEBOGEN 840E

The SENNEBOGEN 840E provides no-slip work surfaces, hand rails, 2 cameras to the right and to the rear and step grid with railing next to cab sliding door.

Sennebogen 840e - Material Handler - SMT 1 2 3 4

1. Safe entry and exit

2. Surround view

3. Solid steel

4. Turn around easy

Sliding door for convenient entry and exit, step grid with railing

Ideal overview and safe working height thanks to stable cab elevation

Robust side cover of recyclable steel sheet

Robust slewing gear (2x) for fast work cycles and highperformance material handling

The perfect machine

Your new SENNEBOGEN 840E


Assemble it yourself

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