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Working under certification improves safety for all of us

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In preparing and implementing its policy and strategy, SMT also focuses on increasing quality, safety, health and environmental awareness.

Our safety, health and environment (VGM) policy is focused on achieving the greatest possible safety and the greatest possible protection of health and the environment, the improvement of well-being, and the prevention of work-related sick leave. Our policy is focused on maintaining and improving a way of working and behaviour that prevents personal injury and/or damage to the health of employees or third parties, and prevents material and environmental damage.

All relevant certificates in order

So that its policy can be regularly subjected to independent testing, the management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VCA*, BMWT quality mark, and ISO 45001 standards and guidelines. Our ISO 14001 certification ensures awareness for the protection of the environment, so that harmful environmental effects can be prevented, and the organization adheres to its compliance obligations and improves its environmental performance. Employee safety within SMT is ensured with a VCA* certification. To emphasize the health aspect, the management system will be expanded with an ISO 45001 certification in 2018.

Improving safety is a continuous process

Continuous improvement is a key concept in our policy. Our policy equally prioritizes quality, safety, health and the environment, for all of the goods and services we offer. Our guiding principle is continuous improvement and to at least comply with our customers’ requirements as well as those of the applicable legislation and regulations.

Working sustainably is important to me and my employers.

Volvo machinery is great in both performance and safety

Thanks to its numerous innovations, Volvo has become synonymous with machinery safety all over the world. This is also because Volvo has developed a comprehensive approach to safety that encompasses all types of use, including road and job site traffic.

Whether in laboratories, on testing ranges, or under real-life circumstances, the safety of a Volvo machine is the result of precise and constant testing.

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