Machine classification

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SMT has an extensive selection of used quality machinery, which means there’s always a used machine that’s just right for you. You can choose from an ‘SMT Premium Selection’, ‘SMT Advanced Selection’, or ‘SMT Standard’ machine.

SMT Premium Selection

Our Premium Selection machines are classified as such, because they’re less than 5 years old and have fewer than 10,000 running hours. And because we subject every machine to a thorough inspection. But most of all, it’s because we maintain all machinery according to SMT standards. Whether you’re interested in the number of running hours, the age of the machine, or the previous owners, everything has been recorded and is available to you. As are the details of every service, inspection, and technical modification. You can rely on the quality of your SMT Premium Selection machine.

SMT Advanced Selection

SMT Advanced Selection machines are in good condition, well maintained, and subject to a complete technical inspection by our own technical specialists. We know all the important aspects of their history.

SMT Standard

Machinery in the ‘standard’ category is immediately available, ‘as is, where is’.

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