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At SMT, our customers are always our priority. With top quality machinery and outstanding service to go along with the quality and level of our brands.

SMT relieves you completely with the SMART support system

Whether you are financing your purchase or not, SMT adds full service to the extensive machine range. We call that the SMART Supprt System. This represents an increasing level of service: Start, Motion, Accelerate, Radius and Traction.

support system


Service level 1 Start


Service level 2 Motion


Service level 3 Accelerate


Service level 4 Radius


Service level 5 Traction

Proactive maintenance plan

A proactive maintenance plan to optimize machine maintenance, completely worry free.

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Because both Volvo and Sennebogen are absolute top quality brands in their segment. Obviously, that creates high expectations. That’s why SMT gives you a service that exceeds your expectations. We think that goes without saying.

SMT adds a full-service provision to our extensive machinery selection. From servicing and parts to financing and insurance.

The machine is just the beginning

The real challenge is to maximize the operational benefits. Our telematics solutions offer a wealth of real-time information. This information allows you to deploy your machinery and operators more smartly and efficiently. That saves fuel and enhances productivity. Our telematics solutions are essential tools for the optimal production planning and maintenance of your machine or entire machinery fleet. Telematics is a state-of-the-art tool for optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership.

CareTrack and SENtrack enable you to monitor your machinery remotely

SMT uses telematics solutions to inform you ahead of time when preventive maintenance is necessary. That way, your machine can be taken out of service at the most opportune time, avoiding unwanted downtime.

Discover our optimal support

Customer support: How may we be of service?

To us, customer support means: “Helping our customers use our products as cost-efficiently as possible and maximizing their operational availability.”

Technical support: Mobile workshops

Our service technicians are at your service, anywhere in the Netherlands. In addition to our own service branches, we have fully equipped mobile workshops at our disposal for performing
on-site maintenance and repairs efficiently and effectively.

Warranty support: Extended factory warranty

With top quality machinery and outstanding service to go along with the quality and level of our brands, it goes without saying that we offer an extended factory warranty on all of our products
and services.