SMT’s Smart Support System

Whether you finance your purchase or not, SMT adds a full-service provision to our extensive machinery selection. That’s what we call the SMART Support system. This stands for services at increasing levels: Start, Motion, Accelerate, Radius and Traction.

support system


Service level 1 Start


Service level 2 Motion


Service level 3 Accelerate


Service level 4 Radius


Service level 5 Traction

Proactive maintenance plan

A proactive maintenance plan to optimize machine maintenance, completely worry free.

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Some of the important benefits of our SMART usage solutions and service contracts

  • Complete peace of mind at attractive rates
  • SMT is the legal and beneficial owner. The machine isn’t listed on your balance sheet, so you’ll have more room for investments. You also won’t bear the market value risk
  • 100% operating certainty, perfectly budgetable
  • Customization: Exactly the machine you need and with the official dealer

Want to know more?

Want to know more about the SMT SMART Support System? Please call one of our account managers or fill in our contact form.

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