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SMART Support in motion

Your company and your machinery are always on the move. Our Motion service level builds on the Start level, but your machinery is serviced by one of our expert technical specialists. That way, you’re always sure to get the right maintenance, according to the manufacturer’s specifications and SMT’s high quality.

This decreases your operational costs and improves the availability of your machinery. Preventive service is performed every 500 or every 1,000 hours.

Comprehensive service contract

The following labour and parts are included at this service level:

  • Factory warranty according to factory terms and conditions
  • Proactive maintenance plan
  • A service every 500 and 1,000 hours (operating hours), within delivery windows
  • Parts needed for performing the 500-hour and 1,000-hour service
  • Oil and filters needed for performing the 500-hour and 1,000-hour service
  • Annual BMWT inspection (extended)
  • Software updates
  • CareTrack “Basic”

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Proactive maintenance plan

A proactive maintenance plan to optimize machine maintenance, completely worry free.

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