Training & Recommendations

At SMT, we offer our customers the most advanced recommendations and courses, customized to meet specific needs.

We offer several programs to help our customers with the training required to maximize the availability of our machinery at the lowest possible operational costs. In other words: our recommendations and courses are focused on achieving excellent performance.

Which courses can I take at SMT?
What can SMT do for students?
What can SMT advise me on?

You can learn how to maximize performance

Test & Trial: experience it yourself

Our demonstration area in Emmeloord is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to combine sales and operator training with customer and business visits.

Operator training: the best work methods

Our training programs for operators and machines are designed to help both new and experienced operators learn the best methods for working with our machines.

SMT Academy: keep learning

SMT has established its own ‘SMT Academy’ to facilitate broad education and training. E-learning, classical lessons and workshops are part of the diverse options available.