P5870C ABG

Basic width
2.5 m
Engine power
129 kW
Paving output
600 t/h

Supreme stability

The Volvo P5870C ABG wheeled paver features six wheels and is ideal for mid-range paving widths. The large back wheels deliver the majority of power and the rear set of front wheels provide additional drive assistance. Combined with the first set of front wheels, they provide extra steering support and stability.

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Drive system

Highlights of the Volvo P5870C ABG

Volvo pavers are built for performance and precision on any paving project. The P6870C ABG, P5870C ABG and P5770C ABG offer a selection of drive systems to best match the paving conditions at hand. Whatever your needs, Volvo's got the right paver for the job.

volvo p5870c abg main trimmed formatted 1 2 3 4

1. Suspension

2. Manoeuvrability

3. Operator seat (MCU)

4. Screeds

Feel the power and work with excellent traction control in a Volvo paver. Whatever the operating conditions, these machines deliver ultimate tractive force for smooth, even results. Witness the outcome for yourself.

Best in class manoeuvrability is at the center of the Volvo paver – providing you with a competitive edge. Experience precise movement, a tight turning radius and easy paver transportation with Volvo Construction Equipment.

Command and control your paver from the operator seat with Volvo's unique, industry-leading EPM II (Electronic Paver Management) technology, designed for simple operation and maximum efficiency. Intelligent paving at its best.

Volvo screeds are designed to give you the best paving quality, uniformity and smoothness. Volvo industry-leading, extendable screeds can handle a wide range of materials and deliver a high degree of pre-compaction, resulting in a reduced amount of rolling work.

The perfect machine

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P5870C ABG

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