Operating weight
87.500 - 120.000 kg
Max. range
23 m

More power with less effort

Experience high efficiency of the system. It’s already very effective in small lifting movements. Use of the recovered energy during the next working cycle reduces the necessary engine power.

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Strong like no other

Highlights of the SENNEBOGEN 860

Our contribution to a sustainable use of the machines in harmony with the environment. The installation of pressure containers in the rear of the machine reduces energy loss.

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1. SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid

2. Surround view

3. Reliable robust

4. Easy entry and exit

Save up to 30% energy by with the use of hydraulic and proven standard components on the boom

Ideal overview and safe working height thanks to stable cab elevation

High load capacities even when fully extended, thanks to massive cylinders.

Safe entry and exit thanks to railings, grip handles and no-slip steps.

The perfect machine

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