Balance Material Handler


Operating weight
215.000 - 270.000 kg
Max. range
35 m

Material handling made easy

The Sennebogen 880 EQ stands for Equilibrium Handler and gives you great control and precision. With its variable displacement piston pumps, load sensing regulation becomes easy.

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Far ahead of the competition

Strong like no other

The Sennebogen 880 EQ comes with a clear, servicefriendly design and accessible power pack. Decades of experience and state of the art computer simulation guarantee highest stability and durability.

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1. Sennebogen PortCab

2. Superior steering

3. Reliable and robust

4. Easy entry and exit

Spacious cabin resiliently mounted, with excellent all-round view and large floor window pane.

Proportional, precise control of the hydraulic functions with 2 servo joysticks for operating movements.

High load capacities even when fully extended, thanks to massive cylinders.

Safe entry and exit thanks to railings, grip handles and no-slip steps

The perfect machine

Your new SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ


Assemble it yourself

Assemble your own SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ and create the perfect machine!

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