Sennebogen Green Line and Multi Line

The pinnacle of German reliability and innovation

Sennebogenkraan van boven

SMT supplies material-handling and recycling machinery produced by this renowned company. Customers in the business of transshipment, construction and recycling are familiar with the unmatched performance and state-of-the-art technology the Sennebogen machines have to offer.

SMT does more than supply the standard machines: we also offer material handlers that are customized specifically to our customer’s wishes, backed by our expert service and supply of parts.

Sturdy machines for demanding tasks

Sennebogen Material Handlers are specifically designed for prime performance, large capacity, and maximum reliability and safety. They are available with sturdy modular undercarriage solutions (such as mobile, rail, and optionally raised) for custom applications.

Global leader Sennebogen has an exclusive Netherlands partnership with SMT.

Reduce operating costs by up to 50%

Sennebogen has been developing electric drive material handlers for over 25 years. This experience underscores Sennebogen’s status as a leader in innovation. Aside from reducing the operating costs by up to 50% compared to diesel engines, there are more advantages to electro-hydraulic drive solutions that enable the machine to pay for itself over time:

  • Very low operating costs thanks to low energy costs
  • Significantly increased time between services and reduced maintenance costs (no fuel filter, oil filter or oil changes necessary) compared to diesel engines
  • Always ready for use – no fuel or fuel storage required
  • Modern electro-hydraulic drives aren’t just cost-efficient, they’re also very environmentally friendly and produce no exhaust fumes. The vibration-free drives and extremely low operating noise increase comfort for the operator.

Sennebogen’s EQ principle: handling materials in constant balance

The machine is perfectly balanced in every operating situation thanks to the counterbalance directly connected to the machine, which means that only a small amount of energy is required for the machine to operate – even under heavy load. With just 50% of the installed capacity, Balance Material Handlers equal that of conventional machines. Combined with an electro-hydraulic drive, this allows for a saving in operating costs of up to 75% when compared to conventional material handlers with diesel engines.

Added logistics value

Balance Material Handlers are the basis for an efficient, productive, and cost-effective logistics system for scrapyards, harbours, or carpentry factories. Stationary machines can cover large areas and can replace several vehicles. This not only creates added value for logistics, it also increases health and safety for your employees while reducing operating costs.

Flexible equipment for Recycling, Industry, Construction and Agriculture

Thanks to their sturdy construction, Sennebogen telescopic handlers can work twice as long as comparable telehandlers. The Sennebogen machines have a longer wheelbase than comparable loaders while still having compact main dimensions.

  • Outstanding overview at 4 m viewing height with a raised cabin
  • Lifting height of up to 9 m and operating weight of up to 10 t
  • Hydraulic quick change coupling for various applications with different attachments (loading shovel, work platform, forklift, boom)
  • Better manoeuverability, thanks to steering wheel and steering wheel drives.

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