Financing and insurance for machinery

Customized for the life cycle of your machine.

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SMT is happy to add a full-service provision to our extensive selection. Naturally, you should also have financing and insurance for your machinery, customized to suit your specific situation. Customized to suit the entire life cycle of a machine.

Our service is focused on maximizing the availability of your machinery at the lowest possible operational costs. Whether you own the machines or have them as a SMART rental.

Maximum availability at low operational costs

Own your machine, pay in instalments, benefit from tax incentives, no need to use your bank’s credit facilities. Plenty of reasons to choose one of our financial lease solutions, available for new and used SMT Premium Selection machinery.

You are the beneficial owner and the machinery is included on your balance sheet. You can lower your monthly instalments by making a down payment or arranging a final instalment. We can also take seasonal influences into account
, so your monthly instalments are aligned with your income.

To me, being able to achieve maximal performance boils down to close teamwork and reliable partners.

Own your machine

When the contract expires and you have paid the final instalment, you will be the legal owner of the machine. Of course, you can also opt to trade in your existing machine for a new one, so your machinery fleet
is always up to date. Costs for repairs and maintenance are not included in your monthly payment. However, if you combine our financial lease solutions with our SMART Support System, you’ll leave nothing to chance.

Important benefits of our financial lease solutions

New, expensive machines are within immediate reach

  • The machine is your property
  • Transparent monthly costs
  • You can choose 100% financing for your purchase, so there’s no need to use to your bank’s credit facilities.
  • In combination with the SMART Support System, you will enjoy maximum availability at low operating costs

Or would you prefer a SMART usage solution?

We understand that the availability of your machinery is more important to you than owning it. That’s why SMT also provides integrated rental and other solutions. These allow for long-term use of our machinery, including financing, insurance, and repairs and maintenance at attractive monthly rates. No investment needed. You’ll know exactly what to expect, because SMT takes over your operational risks. No surprises.

And whether you need the machinery for several days, weeks, months or years, we will always look for the right rental solution for your specific situation. We’ll offer you the latest machinery that’s safe, reliable, and has great fuel economy, combined with professional advice and the best technical support. So you can use it all, with complete peace of mind…! That way, you can focus on your job, while we focus on ours.

Some of the important benefits of our ‘SMART’ usage solutions

  • Complete peace of mind at attractive rates
  • SMT is the legal and beneficial owner. The machine isn’t listed on your balance sheet, so you’ll have more room for investments. You also won’t bear the market value risk
  • 100% operating certainty, perfectly budgetable
  • Customization: Exactly the machine you need and with the official dealer

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