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At SMT, we offer you the most advanced recommendations and courses, customized to meet specific needs.

We offer several programs to help you with the training required to maximize the availability of your machinery at the lowest possible operational costs. In other words: our recommendations and courses are focused on achieving excellent performance. For example, our Eco Operator training teaches operators to be as economical as possible with their machines. The result is lower fuel usage, which lowers operating costs as well as the emissions of harmful pollutants.

Our branch in Emmeloord is a state-of-the-art facility, designed to combine sales and operator training with customer and business visits. Our demonstration area offers you the opportunity to experience first-hand the properties, possibilities, and advantages of our machinery.

Test & Trial

Although our branch offers you this opportunity, at SMT we understand completely that you would rather test our machines at your own work site. Perhaps on several days and under different conditions, because no testing environment is quite like your own work environment.

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