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SMT has based its business model on the professional repute of its team and on sound integrity principles. Those principles are meant to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders associated with our activities: our own shareholders, but also our employees, suppliers, customers and auditors, as well as the administrations and regulators supervising our activities. We like to maintain the highest standards for our processes, and procedures to make sure we are conducting business ethically and responsibly. More information on our engagement can be found in our Corporate Ethics Code of Conduct

In order to further increase our transparency, we have put in place a new compliance tool, the whistleblowing platform, where serious concerns can be safely reported. The Whistleblower procedure is based both on a EU Directive and the Belgian Whistleblowing legislation. SMT decided to extend the possibility as much as possible to the entire group, thus also including non EU based SMT entities. Read our Whistleblowing Policy.

Report a serious concern

SMT is also dedicated to encouraging a supportive and inclusive corporate culture amongst the whole workforce, to promote diversity and eliminate discrimination in the workplace. Have a look at our Inclusion & Diversity Policy for more details.

Follow the links below to read about our Governance and our General terms and conditions. You can also access our Privacy & Cookies Policy to respect the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you have any question whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact us.