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Discover the unmatched power and performance of Volvo Construction Equipment (VCE) for your construction, mining and quarrying projects. As the exclusive distributor of VCE products, we are proud to offer you a complete range of excavators, articulated haulers (ADTs), rigid haulers, wheel loaders, pavers and compactors from this premium brand.

Our large excavators are robust, versatile machines designed to meet the most demanding challenges. Our flagship models include the EC300D, EC350D, EC380D, EC480D, EC550E (new model), EC750D and EC950E (mining). These excavators offer the perfect combination of power, efficiency and durability, enabling you to perform earthmoving, digging and grading tasks with maximum efficiency. In addition, our medium excavators, such as the EC250D, EC220D, EC210D and EC200D, and wheeled excavators, such as the EW205D, offer superior performance in a variety of applications.

Volvo articulated mining dump trucks (ADTs) are renowned for their high load capacity, mobility and exceptional durability in the toughest conditions. Our flagship models include the A60H, A45G, A40G, A35G, A30G and A25G. These articulated mining dump trucks (ADTs) offer the perfect combination of power, traction and stability, enabling you to transport large quantities of materials in the most demanding environments. In addition to articulated mining dump trucks (ADTs), we also offer a full range of wheel loaders, rigid dump trucks, pavers, compactors and pipe-layers to meet all your needs. Our products can also be modified to suit your needs.

Volvo Construction Equipment’s commitment to innovation, durability and quality is a core value that is reflected in every product we distribute. For decades, Volvo Construction Equipment has been at the forefront of the industry, developing advanced machines that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of performance, reliability and environmental friendliness. By working closely with Volvo Construction Equipment, we ensure that you benefit from the latest technological advances, such as intelligent control systems, energy-efficient engines and advanced connectivity solutions for efficient fleet management.

At SMT, we understand the importance of quality after-sales support and service. Our dedicated teams provide comprehensive support for our customers’ Volvo Construction Equipment fleets, ensuring regular maintenance, prompt repairs and preventative interventions to minimise costly downtime for your equipment. Thanks to our in-depth expertise and responsiveness, we are committed to providing the best possible support for your projects, offering you full technical support and assistance every step of the way.

As an authorised Volvo Construction Equipment dealer, we have a stock of genuine Volvo spare parts to respond quickly to all our customers’ requests. Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering, and we strive to provide superior products, exceptional service and a seamless customer experience.

Contact us today to find out how Volvo Construction Equipment can improve the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your construction, mining and quarrying projects. Trust our expertise and our partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment to provide you with the most efficient and reliable solutions on the market.

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