Essential Attachments

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Attachments that are made for each other.

Attachments: perfect combinations

Our equipment and attachments are literally made for each other. That’s why they work best when used together, so our customers can utilize the full capacity of their equipment and attachments. 

Equipment and attachments that are made for each other

All our attachments are of the same high quality as our equipment and are designed to be an integrated part of the equipment. Functions and properties correspond exactly and work in perfect harmony, resulting in a reliable and high-quality unit that enables our customers to get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. 

Tailor-made for every type of job

SMT has an extensive range of attachments for all kinds of work and every material, from stone and soil to ore and wood. As a standard part of the service, we provide all the advice and guidance you need to find the perfect combination of equipment and attachment. 

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