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Crossing continents or heavy city traffic. Carrying timber on muddy country roads or distributing food in the early morning. Whatever your needs, we have the right truck for you. 

Quality Criteria

SMT’s view is that a truck must be able to carry out transport tasks 24/7. It must offer exemplary reliability, an essential quality of any truck, and a high level of serviceability. The outcome of our quality work can be seen in the entire development chain, namely in design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, sales, and aftermarket services. It is this dedication to detail that makes each Volvo truck stay reliable. 
Thanks to Volvo’s know-how, you will have a very reliable truck over the long term, with guaranteed high performance.

A safer world

Volvo has become a byword for truck safety throughout the world, thanks to its numerous innovations in this field, but also because Volvo has developed a comprehensive safety approach incorporating all types of operators in both road and construction site traffic. Whether in laboratories, on test tracks or in real conditions, the safety offered by a Volvo truck is the result of meticulous and constant testing.

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