Machine Intelligence & Telematics

SMT Africa volvo Caretrack Telematics

The future at your fingertips

Our telematics solutions provide a wealth of real-time information that allows you to deploy your equipment and operators more smartly and efficiently.  

Telematics works like this  

Using Volvo’s CareTrack and Sennebogen’s SENtrack, we collect current data on your machine while it’s in use. That data is processed and analysed so we can create an action plan that we then discuss with you, so we can maintain your machine proactively. 

Being better prepared means more efficient deployment  

Of course, that has many advantages. You keep the finger on the pulse regarding possible malfunctions, imminent repairs, and the timing of servicing. In addition, remote diagnosis ensures that our service technician is well-informed about the state of your machine before arriving on site, and knows exactly what needs to be done. This saves valuable time and minimizes downtime. 

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