Volvo Site Simulation

Optimal configuration of your machinery

With Volvo Site Simulation, we can help you optimise site productivity and reduce your total cost of ownership. Receive recommendations on the optimal fleet configuration and site setup to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Volvo Site Simulation compares your machines once you have chosen the right Volvo equipment for your project. Various factors such as machine size, number and the various configurations are taken into account.

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With Volvo Site Simulation, you can easily make comparisons of your fleet. Determine effortlessly the right machines for the job at hand. Volvo Site Simulation takes into account various factors such as machine size, configurations and available attachments.


Volvo Site Simulation takes into account your current haul route length, grade, and severity and you always get advice on the most suitable and economical configuration.

What are your benefits?


  • On-screen animations and simple reports
  • Insight into property and operating costs
  • Insight into the impact of total costs
  • Greater accuracy in planning, forecasting and budgets.


  • Visualise how operator performance will affect productivity
  • Identify the optimal behaviours needed to maximise project efficiency
    through Volvo operator best practices
  • Receive guidance on specific actions or training required


  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower carbon footprint and environmental impact
  • Reports contain information on CO₂ emissions

Lower costs with Volvo Site Simulation

How it works.

Volvo Site Simulation is tailored to your situation and operational goals. SMT’s team works with your data to configure a simulation designed to optimise your real-life operation.

First we collect data

We work closely with you to collect data from your site. Site-specific factors such as material characteristics, current and required production and current fleet are fed into the tool. It is also possible to scan your site with a GPS device or drone.

After this, we run the simulation:

Finally, Volvo Site Sim provides comprehensive analysis and advice
Compare, review and choose the best solution for your site.

Want to know more?

Volvo Site Simulation allows you to save costs and increase productivity. Would you like to know more about this service or other services that SMT Africa offer? Then contact one of our account managers or fill in the contact form for more information.

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