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Mining & Quarry

SMT offers a full range of the industry’s safest and most durable premium machines (Hitachi, Volvo, Dongfeng, Dressta) for mining equipment and quarrying: excavators, rigid dumpers, trucks and bulldozers.

SMT mining spare parts and service

SMT Africa offers a wide range of first-class spare and maintenance parts for mining products in Africa. This ensures fast and reliable availability of parts for operators. We have a team of trained and qualified maintenance and repair experts to provide you with quality technical support and local expertise. Our technicians are trained by our OEMs to ensure quality service and expertise for mining products and to meet your requirements.

SMT Africa technicians are specially trained to diagnose problems quickly and carry out the necessary repairs to minimise downtime and maintain optimum performance of Hitachi products. In addition, we have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to detect potential problems before they occur.

Working with SMT Africa, you can be assured of fast and reliable service for all our mining products, thanks to the expertise and quality of service of SMT Africa technicians. You can also benefit from on-site technical assistance to resolve problems quickly and maintain the optimum performance of your mining products.

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