Hitachi EH4000AC-3

The Hitachi EH4000AC-3 rigid hauler continues to prove itself as an exceedingly capable and reliable solution to mining applications worldwide.

Hitachi EH4000AC-3
Hitachi EH4000AC-3

Exceptional durability

Designed to operate with Hitachi‘s largest mining excavators (EX3600-6, EX5600-6 and EX8000-6), the Hitachi EH4000AC-3 rigid hauler  has exceptional hauling capabilities and is built to operate in the toughest environments.

The dump truck’s design reduces stress to a minimum by dissipating load shocks over the entire hauler’s body. The Hitachi EH4000AC-3’s fabricated box section and rectangular frame rail construction provide superior resistance to bending and torsional loads. The advanced suspension system provides excellent manoeuvrability, even at high speeds.

High levels of safety

The Hitachi EH4000AC-3 rigid hauler pays special attention to safety levels with its SkyAngle feature. A camera monitor is positioned on the left-front pillar of the cab in order to significantly enhance visibility. The monitor displays the view from four cameras located around the truck, allowing the operator to see ground-level obstacles.

A variety of features have been added for safe and easy maintenance. Its four air filters are easily accessible and fitted with evacuator valves, while the battery and relay boxes are located at ground level. The collapsible step and flat service stage inside the rear axle is also convenient for quick servicing.


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