Hitachi EX1200-7

Hitachi’s EX-7 series is refined from more than 100 years of group company expertise, integrating intelligence, safety and ultimate efficiency. The Hitachi EX1200-7 mining excavator is a unique excavator within the Hitachi range, adapting to many different operations. At its core lies clever and complex engineering; on the surface is a beautifully simple, operator-friendly machine.

Hitachi EX1200-7
Hitachi EX1200-7

The Hitachi EX1200-7 is designed for sustainability

Hitachi’s latest energy optimizing features provide a sustainable solution for the mining industry. The Hitachi EX1200-7 mining excavator includes electronically controlled hydraulic pumps, an optimized cooling package, enhanced hydraulic circuits, and a choice of emission configurations to meet regulatory requirements. The result is an environmentally conscious machine that doesn’t compromise on performance.


The EX-7 series of excavators embrace Hitachi’s latest advancements in design, performing consistently to meet the tough demands of the mining industry. Engineered from the ground up to strike a balance between productivity and reliability, the EX1200-7 sets a new standard. Designed with precision, Hitachi’s meticulous craftsmanship delivers a robust and adaptable solution for all types of operation.


The Hitachi EX1200-7 mining excavator is not only designed to provide a comfortable experience, it also allows for ultimate control. Intuitive and advanced features empower the operator to personalize and streamline their work environment for improved workflow and better productivity

Designed for SAFETY

At Hitachi, safety is paramount. This design philosophy, which has evolved over years of experience, is implemented in the EX1200-7 layout to create a safer and more maintainable machine. Sophisticated safety features, which the industry has come to expect from Hitachi, have been elevated to a new level. Improved pathways, handrails, and dual isolator switch as standard all make for a safer working environment.


The EX1200-7 is engineered with a superior level of comfort for an operator experience like no other. The ergonomic layout, intelligent Multi-Functional Display, and enhanced climate control system create an operating environment that lessens fatigue and increases productivity.


Hitachi believes in safe and simplified maintenance. That’s why the EX1200-7’s unique modular design, combined with spacious passageways and work platforms, provides clear access for daily upkeep and major component inspections. Several innovative new features improve serviceability of the EX1200-7, providing the ease of maintenance functionality customers have come to expect from Hitachi.

Designed for DURABILITY

Longevity is a cornerstone of Hitachi’s EX-7 excavators. Advanced computer modelling, specialized forgings, and track shoes combine to provide a dependable and flexible solution for all mining operations.

Designed for RELIABILITY

Evolving from years of operational experience and engineering excellence, the Hitachi EX-7 series of excavators continue to drive innovation in the mining industry. Advanced technology, enhanced durability, state-of-the-art safety features, and superior operational performance combine to make the Hitachi mining excavator EX1200-7 a reliable mining solution.


Hitachi’s EX-7 series of excavators connect physical and digital technologies to drive transformation in the mining industry. Utilizing extensive onboard sensors, diagnostic tools, real time data and advanced software, the EX1200-7 has exceptional intelligence that empowers the operator.


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